For more than 50 years, Sharp Brothers Seed has set the standard for top-quality seed for home, farm and commercial landscape use. Expanding markets dictated development of new and improved varieties of both warm and cool season grasses, various legumes, forbs and wildflowers. These newer varieties have joined the broad variety of seed species and local-source native seed produced to meet consumers' growing needs throughout the eastern United States, the Great Plains and the inter-mountain areas. High-quality, dependable Sharp Brothers' Buffalo Brand seed is the standard that is demanded throughout the United States and several foreign countries.

Today, Sharp Brothers Seed is the largest working seed producer in the United States. Sharp Brothers operates from two locations to serve the U.S. market and beyond. The primary location, and the one that serves the high prairie region, is the company headquarters at Healy, Kansas. The Greeley, Colorado location mainly focuses on the Rocky Mountain region.

CNSC has been a Sharp Bros. distributor and dealer since we opened the doors in 2004, so needless to say we trust Sharp Bros. and they trust us.  The working relationship between Sharp and CNSC is tremendous and the seed comes from Greeley, CO so turn around time is the quickest of our seed suppliers.



Sharp Brothers Seed Company is proud to provide Dairyland Seed Alfalfa Hybrids and Varieties to Plains producers. Hybrid alfalfas with unparalleled vigor, drought tolerance, water use efficiency, tonnage and forage quality. Industry-leading salt tolerance. Branch root growth capabilities providing superior saturated soil performance. The plant breeders at Dairyland Seed are raising alfalfa to new levels of productivity. Raise your productivity with Dairyland Seed alfalfa on your acreage. 
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Forages for Stockmen Brochure
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Where yield and palatability meet.  Forages are one  of our specialties.  A full line of:  Hybrid Forage Sorghums, Silex BMR 503, Open Pollinated Forage Sorghums, Sorghum Sundangrass Hybrids, Warm Season Forages and Cool Season Forages. The brown midrib trait (BMR) has been part of our Canex®/Silex family of hybrid forage sorghums and Grazex family of hybrid sorghum sudangrasses since 2000. All hybrids with the trait are designated with BMR as part of the variety name. BMR is a visual marker for a genetic trait that causes the plant to accumulate less lignin. Lignin is indigestible and reduces the digestibility of other nutrients. Lowering lignin levels dramatically improves digestibility and consumption while reducing forage waste caused by bunk sorting or selective grazing.  
Silex BMR 503 Brochure
These fast-growing crops planted to build soil structure and organic matter, prevent soil erosion and improve nutrient availability.  Combinations of Brassicas, Legumes and Grasses have been developed to meet the needs of our customers. With options for Grazing, Haying, Cover and variations of the three, our staff can help answer any specific questions and match you and your soil with the cover crop that will help you reach your goals for your land.

-  Spring Cropper Mix (Grazing/Haying)
-  Wheat Cropper Mix (Crazing/Haying/Cover)
-  Fall Cropper T Mix (Grazing/Cover)
-  Fall Cropper B Mix (Grazing/Cover)
-  Fall Cropper Oat Mix (Grazing/Cover)
-  NemaTill Mix (Nematode Biofumigan)
Sharp Brothers Seed Company taked pride in every mix that is blended and bagged in our facility. We operate specially designed tumble mixers that uniformly mix the seed without damage or cross contamination from other mixes. Your specialty seed mix is then bagged and weighed with the seed information tag sewn right onto the bag for easy verification.

Popular Pasture Mixes:
PM6 - Irrigated Pasture Mix (Creeping Foxtail, Orchardgrass, Intermediate Wheatgrass, Meadow Brome, Smooth Brome)
PM7 - Horse Candy (Orchardgrass, Meadow Brome, xSmooth Brome)
PM8 - High Plains Pasture Mix (Intermediate Wheatgrass, Meadow Brome, Smooth Brome)
Stampede Paddock Mix (Western Wheatgrass, Tall Wheatgrass)
Sharp Brothers Seed Co. carries a complete line of high quality seeds for lawns, turf, golf courses, athletic fields, airports, industrial plants and machinery parking areas.  Any of the seeds listed below can be custom mixed for your specific needs.

-  Buffalograss
-  Turf-Type Tall Fescue
-  Tall Fescue
-  Creeping Red Fescue
-  Chewings Fescue
-  Hard Fescue
-  Kentucky Bluegrass
-  Annual Ryegrass
-  Perennial Ryegrass
-  Creeping Bentgrass
-  Bermudagrass
-  Wildflowers
-  Native Grasses
Sharp Brothers Seed Company produces seed for many of the native grass, forb and legume species that are part of the natural landscape in this region. Nature‚Äôs answer to the need for drought tolerance, flooding, soil stabilization and livestock forage are found in the warehouses of Sharp Brothers Seed Company Healy, Kansas and Greeley, Colorado locations.  Sharp Brothers Seed Company applies decades of experience and an industry leading processing facility in the demanding, specialized work of growing, harvesting, drying and conditioning these native seeds.