The business of providing low cost crop protection products continues to grow increasingly complex.  We are here to work with the growers on the complex decisions that accompany crop protection.  We understand that you need to fully understand all effects of every product you use on your farm.  The ramifications of not understanding the interaction of multiple product use on a single acre can be devastating.  This is the point where you turn to us to alleviate the pressure of some of the decision making.  The financial aspect of crop protection and whether to use branded vs. generic products only adds more challenges.

We as a staff keep ourselves as educated as possible for you the customer.  New products enter the market every year.  It is our duty to be informed so you can make the best decision possible.  We are customer focused with a great understanding of our own local issues out in the field.  We believe that we need to handle our customers with the same care as your local pharmacist.  We put the same amount of diligent research and pride into every recommendation we make.  At time the economics of the situation call for branded products and sometimes we know that the chemistry just doesn't lie and a generic will do the job with a lesser investment.  We do our homework and take pride in providing our customers with an all inclusive portfolio of chemical products including: herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, seed treatments, etc.  All of the logos below are linked to useful sites with additional crop specific and chemical specific information.




EGE Products out of Minneola, Kansas supplies CNSC with what we both feel to be the leading adjuvant package offered.  EGE is in the business of making herbicides and pesticides work harder.  EGE produces a total of four products.  EGE is focused on being an additive company so CNSC has chosen to partner with EGE and actively promote not only the EGE product line up but the cost effectiveness per acre of utilizing EGE products.  EGE utilized Nebraska Soybean Oil in the manufacture of their products.

Cost per acre based on 10 GPA.  Absorb 100 (MSO) = $1.85   -   Padlock +AMS (AMS, NIS, Anti-Drift) = $1.65   -   Extend (Residual Extender) = $.75
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