CNSC has been a Hoegemeyer dealer since we opened our doors in 2004 and that is because Hoegemeyer is a Nebraska company that breeds corn for our specific needs in the western corn belt.  Hoegemeyer has always been agressive in developing hybrids to adhere to the food grade quality requirements and we appreciate that effort from them.  When you choose Hoegemeyer Hybrids you are choosing products that have been proven in our area for 75 years.  Hoegemeyer and CNSC are both proud to offer:
FOCUS ON THE WESTERN CORN BELT.  We offer products that stand up to our unique conditions and we have access to world class genetics along with the right traits to protect your yield potential.
PERSONALIZED SERVICE.  Hoegemeyer and CNSC employees are service oriented and dedicated to customer success.
Let the numbers speak for themselves, over 90% of Hoegemeyer customers return the following year.
SEED BUSINESS EXPERIENCE.  Hoegemeyer's superior testing allows for the selection of the right products to take to market.  The team of Hoegemeyer experts provide advice and recommendation that help customers get the best performance out of the product.  Hoegemeyer has been around since 1937 and the team includes members of the 4th generation of the Hoegemeyer family.