We own a mobile seed treater.  John Bell does the seed treatment booking and LeRoy Scott and John coordinate and treat the seed.  We offer our customers, whether they are the end user, or another seed dealer what we call the "full treatment" (fungicide, insecticide, inoculant) and also just inoculant treatment.  We also sell virtually any seed treatment product available on the market to other seed treaters or growers who have their own application system.  We are willing to travel to your location depending on volume.

We arrive on a price for what we intend to offer around March of each year.  We sell beans and understand that ordering beans from the seed company treated usually will cost the grower around $14 - $16 a unit.  Then those same beans will need to be likely need to be inoculated or run through a treater again prior to heading to the field for an estimated $4 - $6 or so.  Thus we like to keep our "full treatment" price even well under the price of a fungicide and insecticide treatment from the seed companies.  So, order your beans untreated, and let us provide you the grower or seed dealer with your treatment.  We would like to save you around $5 a unit in treatment costs.

Call John Bell with any seed treatment questions, pricing, scheduling, etc.  308 529 3072
In 2016, our Full Treatment will consist of a full rate of Inovate (fungicide and insecticide) and a full rate of Marauder (inoculant system).  Inovate and Marauder label PDF documents in the left margin.
Click below for our 2016 pricing which is 5% less than last year.